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In just 45 minutes learn how to create stunning, remarkable sales and landing pages that pull in the customers.

Is This Your OptimizePress Story?

The learning curved for OP2 is pretty steep. You’ve watched the in depth training and created some simple pages then download some of the clubhouse templates. Great start…

You've managed to create great looking sales pages, a massive improvement on your past pages.


When you create your next page it looks the same.


It also looks the same as everyone else’s pages. Same old, Same old….


The GOOD NEWS is that OP2 is really flexible and powerful. You made a good purchase.

If you just take a bit more time to really get inside the live editor. To learn to code CSS and check for mobile friendly designs. Learn some photoshop...

Just what you were trying to avoid when you bought OP2 in the first place!


Imagine instead you were updating an old sales page like the one on the left.... ... After taking our “OP2 Optimizer” Course and using the OP2Optimizer Plugin, in under an hour you change the site to look like the after image on the right.



Simply using your new understanding of the live editor, our power techniques and example templates.

Better still you now have the skills and confidence to create sales and landing pages that don’t feel like OP2 clones.

That's just after the Core Training ... see below for more examples of the advanced module results.

Hi, Let me introduce myself. My name is Rob Wilson. For over eight years I’ve run a Web Design Company in the UK, creating award winning websites for companies big and small. Having upgraded to OptimizePress 2 I lapped it up. Playing with the templates supplied and those from the clubhouse. Sort of thing I do for fun.

After going through the learning curve and lots of experimentation I was really happy with the signup pages and membership pages that I created.

However looking at the sales pages from the big names I felt my sales pages could be better…

Hours of digging into the coding of the Live Editor and trying to recreate sections of other people’s sales pages followed.

The end results were engaging, unique sales pages that grab attention, highlight and build up the value in product benefits and really show off what is on offer to its best.

If you want to create similar results then “OP2 Optimizer” is right for you.

Fab. Course and Plugin unlocks power to make amazing, slick, clear pages

long story short = this has cut lots of 'trial & error' time off of learning to use optimize press dozens of ways to sharpen/re-arrange/improve my pages so they stand out better

Big benefits

1. very clear & thorough training, step-by-step with videos

2. excellent outline of how optimize press is structured/works as a preparation for using the OP2 plug-in.

3. 'top down' summary of what good page layout/design is & how plugin features are used for each design goal.

4. collection of great shortcodes that instantly change elements for massive effect (e.g. make headline text 200px for MASSIVE LOOK

Easily worth many times its price!!!

- Andrew Hyde



productboxOP2 Optimizer is made up of over 3 hours of video, OP2 settings recipes, base templates  and an OptimizePress enhancing plugin to add advanced features like animation and scrolling section.

After taking the OP2 Optimizer Video Course and using the unique OP2Optimizer Plugin :-

  • You will Create Sales and Landing Pages that compete with the best. IN FACT - you can improve any sort of page that OP2 creates
  • You will be able to enhance the readability and better present your offering to clients. Making it easier for potential clients to understand why they should be customers.
  • Create a sales pages that ooze value and allow you to command a higher price
  • Create quality landing pages and membership site content pages
  • Avoid wasting the investment you made in OP2 by leaving it to gather dust.
  • Avoid paying money to a designer to use OP2 on your behalf.
  • Have the pride of mastering OP2 quickly to give you the power to build your business.
  • Increase the value of your OP2 clubhouse investment by adapting their templates rather just cloning them.



Module 1 : The Foundations

Download The OP2Optimizer Plugin and Cheatsheet- Mastering the Live Editor  – Rows, Columns, Cloning, Elements, Key Elements and their settings Dividing Up Your Sales Pages To Grab Attention Creating Sections


Module 2 : Quick Improvements

Improving on Simple Sections – using colours and borders – making adjustments to spacing.

Using Dividers – The most overlooked element.

The Quick Font Upgrade Trick & Using Big Fonts to Make Point


Module 3 : Background Magic

Section backgrounds with patterns – tiled and full width Backgrounds for effect – including overlay text, background tints


Module 4 : Advanced Backgrounds

Odds shaped backgrounds – slopes and insets

Positioned backgrounds – include photoshop templates to adapt


Module 5 : Button Magic

Building Better Buttons – Unusual Ways To Use Buttons


Module 6 : How To Show The Value

Maximising The Features and Benefits Of Your Product/ServiceCreating Sections

How to make the value and quality of your offer shine out.


Module 7 : Animation and Other Tricks

Fancy being able to animate a product shot into places, draw attention to a buy button with a little bounce or how about about adding a floating buy button area as your shopper moves down the screen.


Module 8 : Mobile and Tablet Ready?

Easy Testing for mobile and tablet designs.


Module 9 : Moving and Re-using

Reusing designs – Moving designs from site to site, or page to page.

Total Value : $197

Your Bonuses

  • Templates to Adapt - (Webinar Replay, Auto Responder Lessons, Sales Page Starter, and more) Value $37
  • All graphics used in the video course - Value $17
  • Private Facebook Group to share you experiences and sales pages - Value $27
  • Quick Guide to Sales Copy Structure and 21 Step Template- Value $15
  • Guru Sales Page Walkthroughs - Value $47

Grand Total Value : $340

OP2 Optimizer Course and Plugin Pricing

The OP2 Optimizer Course is now several months into it's initial launch. Currently you will get our 'Investor' Version which includes additional material just for early purchasers.

Investors  will also gain access to my Personal WordPress Custom Plugin saves mouse clicks while managing a WP site and gives access to live editor from viewing the site for example  worth $37

The extra content for this version will become an optional extra once our initial marketing has finished.

Demo of "Investor" Bonus Plugin

OP2 Optimizer 'Investor'

  • All Video Modules
  • OP2 Templates To Adapt/Use As Is
  • OP2 Optimizer Plugin – Installs Additional Styles and Unique Shortcodes
  • New Styles Cheatsheet
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to Investors Only Upgrades
  • Private WP Admin Plugin (see video)
  • Guru Site Walkthroughs
  • Lifetime Access to Investors Only Upgrades
  • Additional Investors Only Content
  • Additional OP2 Templates
  • Additional Guru Site Walkthroughs
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Like any good sales letter we have a guarantee...


30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely happy then we offer you a “No Quibble” money back guarantee. Simply email the support team and we will issue a refund straight away.


If you want to be able to create stylish , attention grabbing OP2 Sales and Landing Pages and master OP2 for your profit then get your copy of OP2 Optimizer now.

Order OP2 Optimizer'Investors' Version


  • Q.Do I need to be a OptimizePress Club Member?

    A.No, The OP2 Optimizer Course will allow to create better sales and landing pages from scratch or adapt any templates you have to be more impactful and draw in more customers or leads.

  • Q.Do I need to use Photoshop?

    A.No, If you use photoshop you will get a little more from the course. You can use the graphics and techniques without any image editing but it helps you do even more to have access to some form of image editing.

  • Q.Do I need to own OptimizePress 2?

    A.Yes, You will need to own a copy of OptimizePress 2 at least the Core edition.

  • Q.Is this course just for sales pages?

    A.No, the course covers creating great sales pages, landing pages, membership pages… IN FACT any type of page you could create with OptimizePress 2.

  • Q.Was this page created in OptimizePress 2? It has animation and other tricks that aren't part of OP2!

    A.Yes, This page including the animations and other features was created using OptimizePress 2 along with the unique shortcodes and styles from the Op2Optimizer Plugin. All taught within the course.

  • Q.Are there any OTO (One Time Offers) ?

    A.No, You have everything you need is included. The current investors version includes extra content which will become a One Time Offer shortly.

  • Q.Why have an Investors Level?

    A.We have so much more to do with creating engaging and different OptimizePress Pages. We considered creating a monthly membership option but I hate have lots of small monthly payments. Don’t you?

    So instead we want to allow the product to grow with those who are willing to invest now and help us help you even further over time.

P.S. If you want to keep creating average looking OP2 pages. Lose out on sales and waste your investment in OP2 then feel free to pass up this opportunity. However to change things up a gear order the OP2 Optimizer Course today by clicking on an order button above.

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